AFIS Ignition BoxDesigned for use on any single-coil 4-6-8-10-12 cylinder engine where improved spark duration is required for increased performance in street or racing applications.


  • Spark Energy: 230mj
  • Primary Voltage: Variable based on RPM or MAP–up to 600 volts
  • Secondary Voltage: Up to 55,000volts depending on coil
  • Circuitry: Digital
  • Multi-Strike Duration: 15,000rpm on V8
  • RPM Range: 0 – 18,000rpm
  • Operational Voltage: 8 – 22volts
  • Current Draw: Variable up to 1.0amps per 1000rpm
  • Triggers: Mag-Hall E-Points
  • Cylinders: 4-6-8-10-12


  • Waterproof: Designed to meet IP 66 Ingress protection
  • DUAL LEDS on side of box:
    #1 LED displays Power to Box (will flash for diagnostic issues)
    #2 LED flashing displays Box is receiving signal from trigger source
  • Programmable Timing Map:
    User Selectable
    RPM & Load Break Points
    16 x 16 Matrix
    Compatible with 1-2-3-4-5 BAR MAP Sensors
  • Rev Limiter Burnout: 0 to 8000rpm with PC
  • Rev Limiter 2-Step: 0 to 8000rpm with Module or PC
  • Rev Limiter Top End: 0 to 18,000 rpm with PC
  • Start Retard: Adjustable 0-30° with PC
  • High Gear Retard: Adjustable 0-30° with PC
  • Boost timing Retard: Adjustable with PC up to 5-BAR
  • NOS Timing Retard: Adjustable 30° up to 4-stages
  • RPM Activated Switches: 2-Adjustable with PC
  • RPM Window Switches: 2-Adjustable with PC
  • Data Acquisition: RPM-Timing-MAP